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We put the value back in Value-Added Distributor.

At ScanSource Communications, we know that it’s part of our job as your value-added distributor to build the tools you need. Tools for exchanging ideas. Tools to identify and connect with the right partners. Tools that make quoting, configuring, and implementing solutions intuitive and efficient. And, tools that remove complexity and delays at every step of the process. Get the resources you need to advance your business today.

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  • Barco Rep Firm Map

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    Our national network of partner firms is available to lend hands-on technical and service support for all our ProAV solutions. Whichever region you’re in, a Barco-authorized partner is close-by. Click here to view a territory map and contact information for a Barco partner near you, or contac...read more
  • Barco Sales Territory Map and Directory

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    With seven sales territories and experienced management and professional support teams in each region, there is a Barco representative standing by to assist your business, whatever your need. Click here to view a territory map and contact information for the Barco professional near you, or contact ...read more
  • Blog

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    Our experts are passionate, and they have a lot to say beyond datasheets and whitepapers. They have centralized their insights here, to share what they have learned and get the discussions started. ...read more
  • Dialogic Corporate Blog

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    Now you can be the first to know about the hottest industry trends from around the world. Join our globe trotting executives for informative and candid discussions about what they're seeing in the marketplace right now. And feel free to jump in on the conversation! We want to hear your thoughts and...read more
  • Dialogic Developer Forums

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    Connect with thousands of other developers to brainstorm ideas, share best practices and tips - or just chat about the latest emerging technologies making noise in the field. And of course, get the most up-to-date service and support news from Dialogic....read more
  • Dialogic Developer's Blog

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    Dialogic understands the challenges you face every day to deliver innovative solutions. And we also know how important collaboration can be to that process. That's why we've created an online community network just for you! See what the buzz is all about....read more
  • Dialogic Development Tools

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    Dialogic offers a line of development tools that will assist solution developers to fully utilize the broad family of Dialogic components and systems. Dialogic also works with a broad range of ecosystem partners who provide higher level development toolkits and enabling software....read more
  • Dialogic Diva SDK Forum

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    In this forum we focus on programming questions for developers working with the Diva SDK. The Diva SDK works with a number of Dialogic telephony platforms, giving an abstraction layer that can make applications portable across different telephony technologies: Analog: Diva Analog-2, Diva ...read more
  • Dialogic GlobalCall Forum

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    This forum is for programming questions on using Dialogic's GlobalCall and R4 APIs. GlobalCall refers to call control related functions. R4 is intended to cover other APIs used for media, conferencing, streaming, fax, IP, and more. This forum oriented for Dialogic’s DM3, Springware (JCT) an...read more
  • Dialogic Product Warranties

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    The warranty periods and terms specified below apply to products sourced directly from Dialogic Inc. or its subsidiaries ("Dialogic") unless different terms have been agreed to in a signed agreement between yourself and Dialogic. These periods and terms are subject to change without notice. For pur...read more