Sonus SBC 2000 with Co-Located ViBE Application

With the launch of the next generation Sonus SBC 2000 platform, NET has produced not only an industry leading Gateway and secure mediation platform, but also a platform which can be leveraged for third party applications to produce an even more powerful solution for the customers’ advanced needs.
It has become apparent that one such need is to combine class-leading high performance, secure gateway functionality with advanced bandwidth management and efficiency tools such as that offered by the Voipex ‘ViBE’ application. Within the architecture of the Sonus SBC 2000 platform, lies a high-performance server-class application solutions module (ASM) based on a 2.53Ghz Intel Core i7™ processor. It is with this server blade that we are able to build a solution embedding ViBE within the Sonus SBC 2000.